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  • Aaron bolton says:

    had a name done today felt very relaxed and was very happy with the result great price and will recommend them to my friends thankyou

  • jane smith says:

    Hi Guys
    A big thank you for making me feel very welcome today and my nerves were unfounded you put me at ease as I was a ink virgin but not no more. Thank you so much for my tattoo I love it and you made it pain free, you will be seeing me again in a couple of months :smile: :grin: 1 VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER

  • Kev Lord says:

    Thanks Ste, fantastic job with the grim reaper tattoo.

  • stuart says:

    :razz: Thanks ste you made that as painfree as possible awesome job well done

  • katie wilson says:

    i have had 3 tattoos done here each done by a different tattooist butterfly on my wrist my fellas name on the back of my neck and my daughters name on the back of my shoulder really friendly tattooists all of you and i will be back for more and this i can promise so i look forward to seeing you all again untill then take care and thanks again for the tats :grin:

  • tony Craig says:

    I have now had two tats done with lee its a great studio very friendly and professionally and just so relaxing and the quality of the work is second to none if you want work doing you just wont get better i am planning to have more done got the bug now cheers

    • INKREDIBLES says:

      Thanks for the positive comments Tony, i will pass this on to Lee CHEERS Ste

  • John says:


    Its been a long time i know, i am shite when it comes to keeping in touch…..

    I phoned Ste when i was in the Middle East (still am BTW) and spoke with him regarding having a “touch up”done on my existing HAIDA Totem on my arm – turns out he had to rework the whole thing, but what a difference a little creative license gave the piece, Awesomely clean Studio, really good quality inks – was a little worried at first as there might have been a little Northern Monkey / Southern Fairy thing going on but Ste made a huge effort and produced an amazing piece of work after i had 2 other people doing the job,

    It started in Greece, took 12 hours when it was supposed to take 4 (the dude tried filling it with an outline needle) and then some iranian Chick had a go (using an eye brow tattoo machine no less) so you can imagine what Ste was up against.

    I am sure he still has the photos somewhere, the colors remain really vibrant, the black is still black all in all an awesome job.

    I am pretty happy that i dont live in the UK as i would probably spend most of my time / Money there with them. !!

    Never did get the T-shirt though buddy ;-) …………………..can i have it now?

    • INKREDIBLES says:

      Cheers John , great review i must say, still haven’t received said T’s but you will be the first to get one ,i promise. CHEERS Mate.

  • estelle jones says:

    I have had 2 tattoos done here, both very detailed pieces. one is a copy of one my late grandad had, it looks so good i could cry everytime i look at it. extremely clean, friendly atmosphere and excellent prices, cant wait for the next one :lol:

    • INKREDIBLES says:

      Thanks Estelle, enjoyed dong your tatts for you, i just know you will be back for more ,THANKS x

  • Eldin Topalovic says:

    Great tattooist, just had my first tattoo and he did it really well and with care, nice guy too, would definitely recommend. Pretty cheap for the quality of work too

  • Alex says:

    Had all my tattoo’s done at inkredibles by Ste, had two full sleeves and love them. Cheap prices fantastic work see you soon take care mate.

  • Carrol Martin says:

    i recently had my sperm tattoo done, everyone wants their kids names and dates of birth but i dont have a high pain threshold so i had 3 sperm representing my 3 kids on my wrist, they were brilliant, the tattooist talked to me the whole time, think he knew i was a bit nervous, these guys are so professional and put you at ease if like me ur a bit nervous. :grin:

  • Col says:

    These guys are very professional and clenliness is high on their priorities, down to earth and will make you feel very relaxed and at ease if its your first or your 100th tatt, top designs and great prices .. Col

  • Noel Howard says:

    Was a great friendly atmosphere. Very clean and professional and they both gave me great advice on what to get and how to clean it afterwards. Would recommend the place to anyone. Been over a year since I had it done and it still looks as good as new.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Karen leach says:


  • Christian Wallwork says:

    having used both ste an jeff for tattoos i think this is a great studio, you can relax and have a laugh and feel at ease whilst the job gets done cheers guys see you soon !

  • Ian Gordon says:

    I have had two tatts done by Ste, I am very happy with the finished articles and will definitely having more.
    I always find the experience of getting a tattoo done at the inkredibles tattoo studio.
    I have sent a number of my friends and family there for tattoo’s all have come away inkredibly (see what I did there) impressed with their tattoo’s.

    I would and do highly recommend your shop and tattooing skills to everyone who says they are thinking about having a tattoo done.

    Ste and Jeff are very helpful and give advise as to the best tattoo, position, size etc.
    They make the whole experience a pleasure.

    Ian Gordon

  • Dawn says:

    I was a bit nervous when i first went to the shop as i know there are some “cowboys” around, but Ste and Jeff are genuinely nice guys, good at what they do, clean and honest. They made my old tattoos look fab again, ive got some amazing new ones too and will definately be having more there. thanks guys xx

  • Adam Westwell says:

    I was tattooed by Ste starting back in August and it is still in progress having spent probably 15-20hours or so to date, when I first came to the shop I was greeted well by both Ste and Jeff. I chatted through the design which I was planning on having, which was a mixture of a sleeve and a cover-up. I was given a number of different sources to research and find the correct design.

    Once I had found my design and Ste felt I was happy with it then he started it the tattooing. My tattoo progressed from being a half sleeve, to a 3/4 sleeve and eventually is now down to a full sleeve. This progress was purely because I was made to feel comfortable and very happy with the job being done! I have been that pleased with my tattoo I have had no hesitation in recommending Inkredibles to my mates.

    Cheers Chaps top jobs.


  • ViCKSTAЯ Officer says:

    I have been tattooed by both Jeff and Ste, (infact my brother and most of my friends have, too) they are both very professional and never hesitate to give their advice on how they think things would work, but they are also two really laid back guys and can have a laugh with them. They try their best to find a style that would suit you and offer advice on what they think. Inkredibles is awesome, even more so now they have gotten rid of the spider!

  • Jakob Powell says:

    I have been tattooed by Jeff on several ocasions and Inkcreidibles is by far the best priced tattoo parlour with the coolest tattooist i have ever been to. Won’t go to another tattooist ever agian.

  • John says:

    Cannot say enough about this crew. They really are a good clean crew that work together with you and each other to create artwork that you will be proud of for years to come. Chewing the fat is half the fun with this family of artists whilst drinking coffee and having the pain threshold taken to the limits!

  • stacey hart says:


    I would just like to say that when i came to Inkcredibles it was for my first tattoo, so i was quite nervous.
    My first impression was great, the place was clean and the staff very welcoming.
    When i was having my tattoo done, i was put at ease and the area was made private which was a great comfort.
    I have recommended Inkcredibles to my friends and i am also thinking of coming back for some more work.

    Stacey :)

  • Gareth Travers says:

    Just a quick message to say cheers for all the the work you’ve done to date for me and that im really impressed with it, i’ve not even had even had to attempt to recommend you to anyone because seeing is believing!

    Thanks again guys and you’ll definately be seeing me again soon for more work.
    Gaz Travers

  • Stephen Cross says:

    I’ve had two tattoos done at inkredibles and on all my visits i’ve been treated really well and been impressed on how clean and professional both Jeff and Steve are.

    They have both tattooed me and done exceptionally good work on all occasions.
    For my half sleeve I had a little trouble in deciding on what to have done to finish the job, thanks to Jeff and Steve’s help and their own intuition they helped me finally decide on what to have done.

    The studio on my visits has always been very tidy and always has a professional look. With tattoo books always to hand as well as a PC to gain internet access, it is always easy for further ideas on having a tattoo.

    Lastly Jeff and Steve are friendly guys and very thorough in what they do. They are always very welcoming and take great pride in their work.

    Thanks again guys see you soon.

  • lee bridge says:

    An Inkcredible tattoo!

    Had my first tattoo here, as always was nervous when i first sat in the chair and the artists did a great job assuring i felt fine about it, they are both very re-assuring and chatty which helps loads when sometimes you can be sat there for a while. Both artists seem very responsible and have good knowledge of the job, always got your best interests in mind, i can confidently say from my experience that you will not be scarred by foul play and if you find your tattoo needs more ink you wont be charged like most places. My last tattoo at Inkredibles was polynesian on my forearm and the ink job was excellent its blacker than black can get! and i will be going back for more.

    thanks guys,

    lee bridge

  • Skotash says:

    Inkcredibles. Well wot can ya say.. Its a great name………….. (i named it) haha and you guys are ace to. ive had quite a few tattoos off ya both now and will be defo having more. When in the shop theres always good banter and very welcoming and seen as ya only live round corner so we’re practially neighbours!! see ya soon lads

  • cindy lewis says:

    Hi guys, i would like to let you know about my experience in your tattoo studio, on very first meeting both of you i was made to at ease, i found you both very friendly, chatty and most importantly professional.
    When i decided i wanted an old tattoo covered up i went to ste to see if it was possible and to get some ideas, as my old tattoo would need quite a big tattoo to cover it up it needed alot of thinking about but ste put alot of thought, time and effort into finding the perfect tattoo to cover mine.
    When it came to having the tattoo done i was made to feel completely comfortable and the chatting and friendly funny banter made the experience a pleasure for me to have it done my him, i couldnt have wished for the tattoo to turn out any better than it did, it was the perfect tattoo to cover mine and i love it :-) i will always recommend inkredibles to anyone i know who is thinking of having a tattoo as it completely trust them both, cheers guys :-) .X.

  • gail kearsley says:

    Hi Ste an Jeff..
    Just to say that Inkredibles is fantastic!!
    I was a tattoo virgin when i paid my first visit but i was made to feel so welcome an comfortable,
    I had to sit without a top on as I had a spine tattoo,sounds silly to mention but some ladies would
    feel nervous about it,but i was made to feel so at ease.
    The tattoo is AWESOME!! I was soon back for another!
    The studio is impeccably clean,the genius’s are so friendly and their skills are second to none.
    Planning my next one and I know I will be just as happy as always with the result.

    Thanx guys!!! x

  • Tod Lancaster says:

    Hi Ste and Jeff, just want to thank you both for giving me and my mates a pleasant tattoo experience in your shop. All tattoos i have had are of excellent quality and very reasonable prices compared to the other tattoo shops around bolton, for price and quality you guys cannot be beaten, feel welcome in the shop and are not rushed like most tattoo studios. Ste and Jeff are both good guys you can have a chat and a laugh with while getting your ink done, and always take alot of pride in their work, thanks guys and look forward to seeing you both soon.

  • Lorraine Gordon says:

    Ive had 2 tattoos done by Ste at Inkredibles one of foot and one on side of leg. Ste made me feel really relaxed and chilled. Didnt have too much pain either. Highly recommed. Very happy customer. :)


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